Conducting the Interview (Part 3)

If your company wishes to create a video that includes interviews, it is important that the
interviewer from the video production company you hired comes prepared. That is, a set of
questions that are preferably committed to memory.

It is also good practice to have cue cards for the interviewee to serve as a guide. However, the
interviewer must also be prepared to ask follow-up questions to make the interviewee clarify or
expound on his or her answers.

A good interviewee is a good listener and is able to steer the interview in the right direction. The
interviewer must be alert and able to put the interview back on track when the interviewee veers
off topic. Long-winded explanations hardly help and for the most part, having the interviewee
answer the questions on point is desirable.

In the case of in-depth interviews, however, lengthy answers are permitted but must still remain
on course. It is important to remember the primary purpose of the interview – whether it be
to inform, to explain, or to create a favorable impression on the viewer – and to conduct it
according to its objective.

Experienced interviewees from video production companies are a great asset to the video
production outfit itself and you, the client, who need to create a professional video presentation.