Does using expensive cameras mean that my production will look good?

When shooting a video, we always wonder what video camera is best to use. Let’s skip that question. With the changing technology and taking into consideration the fact that companies keep adding new camera models and features monthly, there is really no way we can answer that question. Pick a good quality camera and lets channel that question to, how or what do we do to shoot superb videos?

Okay, so maybe nothing brings out the best in a scene like good video quality. In any given set-up, we give due recognition to the equipment used to produce great material. It is important that we are aware of the specific equipment that we need, to ensure the best outcome in our video production, regardless of the price.

Assuming you are an amateur, having an expensive camera can help but it also requires a great deal of experience in handling them to be able to produce a good video quality. But, the quality of work produced doesn’t always depend on how expensive the equipment is. More often than not, a good video output also relies on the skill of the camera operator– how they capture real life and how this transcends on screen.

For instance, there are a lot of expensive cameras out in the market telling you that they guarantee the best video quality. Cam-corders as such have higher pixel rates, top of the line lenses and other advanced features. However, if you want to create a video that says it all, you should also take into consideration the operator that maneuvers the equipment. Good videography requires a great deal of knowledge, technical expertise (like angle manipulation) and creativity.

But of course, having an expensive camera means that it is made of a good brand and is of top quality which gives a higher percentage of good video output. Just remember to study and learn about its features and proper camera handling to maximize it to your advantage.

However, you also have to note that good lighting merits good video quality. No matter how expensive your camera is if you use the wrong lights or, worse, use none at all, then you can’t capture good images. In the same manner, even if you have just a relatively good camera but have excellent lighting then you can expect great images or footage from your shoot.